Unlock Machine Learning Magic Without Coding

Seamless Model Creation: Dive In, Dive Deep With the Model Module, you're handed the magic wand of machine learning. Experiment, monitor, and fine-tune without getting lost in the tech jargon or coding complexities.

Here’s a Peek into the Adventure:

  1. Effortless Experiments: Set them up, watch them run. Real-time tracking lets you marvel at your model’s growth.
  2. Compare and Conquer: Stack your trials side-by-side. Inspect learning curves and other metrics to identify your champion setup.
  3. Never Lose Track: Every trial, every tweak is logged. Loved a particular setup? Jump right back in and replicate the magic.

Journey Into the Model Module 

This module is all about turning your enriched data into predictions using smart algorithms.

  • Kick Off: Simply tap on the “New Experiment” button. Fill in the data, define parameters, and voilà, you’re set for training.
  • Data Prep: Before training, ensure your dataset is neat and tidy. Choose your target column (or label) and the type of problem (e.g., classification, regression).
  • Customize (If You Wish): Feeling adventurous? Dive into advanced parameters. Opt for specific algorithms, tweak their settings, or change how you split your data for testing.

Gauge Your Greatness

  1. Metrics Matter: Depending on your problem type (like classification or regression), choose a metric that speaks to you. This will be your yardstick for success.
  2. Data Splits: Play with how you divide your data. Use a train-test split or the more in-depth cross-validation to see how well your model does on new data.

Features and Fine-tuning

  • Feature Selection: Sometimes, less is more. Pick the data columns that truly matter, leaving out the noise.
  • Get Algorithm-Smart: While Octai’s defaults are great, there's room for wizardry. Adjust algorithm settings for potentially even better results.

Stay Updated, Stay Ahead

  • Experiments Dashboard: It’s like your model’s heartbeat monitor. Watch progress, check top performers, and get a bird’s eye view of the action.
  • Deep Dive with Model Detail: Want more detail? The Model Details section offers a deep dive into each attempt, its metrics, and insights. 

All in all, with the Model Module, you're not just building models, you're crafting masterpieces. And remember, no coding required! Just your insights, choices, and a sprinkle of machine learning magic.