Making a Copy of Your Data - Copy

Imagine you're painting a picture that you really like. Before trying out a new technique, you make a photocopy so your original work stays safe. In the world of data, making a "copy" of your information works the same way. It's a simple trick to keep your original data safe while you try new things.

What Does "Copy" Do?

The 'Copy' function is like hitting the "save as" button on your data. It creates a twin of your dataset - a second set that looks exactly like the first.

Why Make a Copy of Your Data?

Here’s why copying your data is a smart move:

  1. Backup: Keep an original version safe, just in case.
  2. Play Area: Try new ideas on the copy without messing up the original.
  3. Team Work: Let everyone on your team have their own version to work on.
  4. Compare: Do different things on each copy and see what works best.

How to Copy Your Data in Easy Steps

  1. Find Your Data: Open up the list of your datasets in our platform.
  2. Hit Copy: Click the 'Copy' button. It's usually right there with the data or under a menu.
  3. Name It: Give your copy a clear name so you won't mix it up with the original.
  4. Check It: Once the copy is made, look it over to make sure everything's there.
  5. Go Ahead: Now you can play around with your data copy as much as you like!


Making a copy in our platform is super easy. It’s a great habit to get into before making changes, just like saving your work often when you're writing a report. This way, you can always go back to the beginning if you need to, without any stress.