Import & Visualize Your Data

Turn your data into accurate predictions.

With our No-Code ML, you can quickly set up machine learning models and turn them into real-world solutions.

1. Getting Started: Data Import


1.1. Data Connectors

Wherever your data lives, we've got a friendly hand to help you bring it in:

Local Files: Just drag and drop your CSV, Excel, or Parquet files.
Remote Sources: Link up via API or HTTP requests.
Databases: Connect directly to any databases, like Postgres, Oracle, MySQL and more.
Cloud Resources: Your cloud data, ready to go. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, we got you covered.
Big Data Clusters: Manage big data without the big fuss.
3rd Party Apps: Bring in data from platforms like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, and others.

1.2. Octai Data Marketplace

Explore a world of external data with our Data Marketplace:

- Need weather forecast data? We've got it.
- Curious about listener trends on Spotify or YouTube? It's here.
- Looking for insights into demographics or financial patterns? Dive in.

Say goodbye to tricky data setups; Octai keeps things smooth and easy.

2. Visualization

2.1 Automated Statistics

Get a snapshot of your data's health:

  • Data Distribution: Understand the spread and patterns.
  • Basic Statistics: Grasp core metrics like mean, median, and mode.
  • Missing Value Counts: Identify gaps in your data for better decision-making.

2.2 Plot Various Charts

Dive deep with a plethora of visual tools tailored for your insights, including but not limited to:

  • Line Charts: Track trends and progressions over time.
  • Bar Graphs: Compare categories and see data heights.
  • Scatter Plots: Spot relationships between variables.
  • Boxplots: Visualize data spread and identify outliers.
  • Geomaps: Present geographical data intuitively.
  • Heatmaps: Highlight density and concentrations in your dataset.