Crafting Machine Learning Models

Dreamt of crafting machine learning models but held back by a lack of coding skills? That's exactly why we developed Octai.

With Octai, model creation and deployment becomes a walk in the park - no coding, no fuss. Pick your data, define what you aim to predict, and leave the technicalities to us.

Speed is of the essence. With Octai, what traditionally took hours now takes minutes. Craft, test, refine, and achieve the most accurate models with record speed. Dive in, explore various methods, keep a keen eye on your configurations, and ensure precision.

Here's a quick guide to training models using Octai:

  1. Starting Out: Go to the "Model" section. This is where it all happens. Pick your data, label it, and press "Train".
  2. Let Octai Do Its Thing: Our Auto training sets everything up for your data.
  3. Train Again and Again: Octai keeps training to make sure the models learn the best they can from the data you provide.

Auto training takes the wheel from here, calibrating configurations to perfectly match your data.

The beauty of Octai is in its iterative training, ensuring models get the best results from both training and validation datasets.



If you want to get more involved:

  • More Options Before Training: Before you press 'Train', choose 'Select More Parameters'. This lets you decide more about how you want to train the model, like which features to look at, how to split your data, and which methods to use.

Once that's done:

  • See How It Did: Octai gives you a clear picture of how your model did with easy-to-understand graphs.



Happy with your model?

  • Use It For Real: If it looks good, put it to work. Your model is now ready to give you answers based on new data.